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Hanoi authorities is cutting down 6700 trees in Hanoi for the replacement of new trees, however, Hanoi citizens are not informed and fully known about this Decision. Therefore, we urge to ask authorities to postpone this action and organize a public conference about this plan, also, present publicly the plan, cost and other related issues for people to know.


Please sign this to support us and raise your voice in this matter (draft translation of letter is below) (Letter of Hanoi’s Organizations and Citizens about tree cutting and replacing 6,700 trees)


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(It’s pity that we have not had English version of this message, this is my draft translation)

The Letter of Hanoi’s Organizations and Citizens about tree cutting and replacing 6,700 trees

TO: People’s Council of Hanoi
Mr. Nguyen The Thao, Chairman of the People’s Committee of Hanoi
Mr. Le Van Duc, Director of Hanoi Construction Department

As organizations and citizens of Hanoi, we are very concerned and worried about the on-going Project of restoring, replacing urban green in Hanoi, with 6700 trees have been cut down. The purpose of the project is the beauty of Hanoi, people understand and support it. However, at present, due to lack of specific information on the project, current tree cutting activity in the city raises questions and opinions from the public.


Following the letter of the citizen Mr. Tran Dang Tuan, to Mr. Nguyen The Thao – Chairman of Hanoi’s PPC – dated 16 March 2015 (which has been reprinted in many newspapers), we propose the People’s Council, People’s Committee and Department of Construction three suggestions:

1. To postpone immediately cutting trees in Hanoi, excluding trees which can cause danger and accidents, to clarify questions of public and adjust if necessary.

2. To request the Department of Construction and project management to announce full detail of the Project with Statement No. 8452 / TTr-SXD and other relevant documents, including the approved budget, on electronic portal of the city.
To publish a list of trees which will be cut on each street, according to the code management of urban green city (if any), and reason to replace of each case, as well as the result of initial survey as a basis for approval of the Project.

3. After the announcement, the city held or attend an open and public meeting with experts and citizens who are interested in this issue. The meeting will help parties answer questions and clarify issues which people are interested in this Project, adjust if necessary, or extend time to review and research before continuing. We also recommend the city seriously consider the proposal of citizen Tran Dang Tuan.

We offer three suggestions on our wish to Hanoi government to do well the Constitution 2013, namely the right of access to information, right to participate in managing state and society of citizens, and corresponding obligation of the State (Chapter II, Article 25 and Article 28), the Environmental Protection Act and Ordinance No. 34/2007 / PL-UBTVQH11 on Implementation of Democracy at Ward, Commune, and Town.


We look forward to your reply and cooperation.
Please reply via the following address:
Contact person:
Duong Ngoc Tra
Phone: 043-556-4001, ext 102


#6700cay #manfortree